All registered users of MuPlayring Community must agree with every point of these rules. Disagreement with at least one paragraph of these rules, prohibits the use of the this site and forum, and live in the world of MuPlayring.


Privacy Policy


What information do we collect ?


We collect information from you when you register on our website or place an order. When ordering or registering on our website, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your name or e-mail address. You may, however, visit our site anonymously.



What do we use your information for ?


Any of the information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:


To personalize your experience - your information helps us to better respond to your individual needs.

To improve our website - we continually strive to improve our website offerings based on the information and feedback we receive from you.

To improve customer service - your information helps us to more effectively respond to your customer service requests and support needs.

To process transactions - your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than for the express purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested.

How about log files and Cookies ?


Your privacy is important to us. Log files are maintained and analysed of all requests for files on this website's web servers. Log files do not capture personal information but do capture the user's IP address, which is automatically recognized by our web servers. This website does not store any information that would, on its own, allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission. Any cookies that may be used by this website are used either solely on a per session basis or to maintain user preferences. Cookies are not shared with any third parties.



0. Swearing / Family Abuse:

Swearing, using bad words and bad behaviour ban 1-3 days.

Using bad words about family, family abuse ban 1-5 days.

1. Registration

1) There is no reason using more than 5 accounts. If you are caught using too many accounts (more than 5), all your accounts might lead to a ban and IP-range ban permanently or they will be just deleted. At registration enter correct account details, because administration do not change any account information !


2. Character Name

Characters name and Guilds must can not contain Administrator and GM nicknames. You may not impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of the MuPlayring staffs.

The character and guild names you choose must not contain any offensive language at all. Sexual, racism or in any way discriminatory content are not tolerated. Administration will not change any nicknames, if you break this rules you will be banned until 7 days. If you do not change your nickname/guild name, next time you will be banned permanently.

3. Account

Administration does not return any missing characters or missing items.

We are not changing accounts passwords, do not make kickbacks if you are robbed or allegedly robbed. Protect your property and your characters by themselves.

We are not exchanging or returning back any Coins for item you have bought in Webshop, think twice before buying any item or feel free to ask question to MuPlayring Staff about item !


4. Coins

1) Farm Points / Arena Points can be earned ONLY by yourself by making resets and grand resets, selling items in website's market and winning some events - Gold Coins can not be bought !

5. Responsibility

You take full responsibility for whatever happens with your account. It's you who must keep hackers, evil friends, younger brothers and other potential threats away from your account.

The moment you have registered at MuPlayring you agree not to share your account to anyone. If any item is missing from your account MuPlayring Staff is not responsible.


6. Chat

Under any circumstances do not insult or harass other players. Your character or account will lead 1-7 days or permanently ban, depending on the insulting / harassment.

You are not allowed to advertise other sites or game and even talking about it in-game or forum. Advertising, discussing other gaming servers will lead to permanent account and IP-range ban.

You are not allowed to spam via "/post" command. You can report someone for insulting or if harassing you. All you have to do is to take a screenshoot from chat log and post it in our forums. (Do not change anything in screenshot)


7. Cheating

You are not allowed to create/make lags in order to kill players/monsters faster, of course, if someone will be reported, we will trace his IP, to check from where he is, so we will avoid banning users who are "toooo far from the server" or "who has very bad internet".

Cheating, such as item duping, speed hacking, intelligent bots, are forbidden = account and IP ban permanently !

Players who are credit harvesters or players who abuse MuPlayring voting rewards will result to permanent banned.

Making fake guild wars = deleting guild and Guild Master ban 1-7 days.

8. Bugs


It is forbidden to use bugs and various programs for hacking the game and website, modify the files of the game and launcher, as well as help other players or persuade them to commit these acts. Even a failed attempt is a violation. (if you break this rules you will be banned from 1 day till permanent on account and IP adress).

If you find any administration mistakes, bugs in game server or website you need to report to MuPlayring Staff so they can fix it ! (using administrator mistakes to earn levels, zen, items, Coins can result to be banned from 1 days to permanently). If you have found a new bug, report it immediately to administration on the forum.


9. Trading

Buying and Selling accounts for real money is prohibited. All MuPlayring accounts, items and any MuPlayring related is a property of the server owner. If we found buying and selling items for real money your account will be banned permanently.

If you are caught buying or selling items for real money outside MuPlayring website / forum or in-game will result to permanent ban on your account. This simply means, if we find you selling MuPlayring properties in any of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or any gaming forum, or any other website your character(s) and account(s) will be banned without warning.

10. Guild War

If you started a guild war, you need to complete it till the end. If you left guild war, guild master can receive 1 day ban, if there is no explanation ! (If you have guild war and some master left the guild war you need take print screenshot and insert it in our forum).

[Castle Siege] Guild must have at least 5 members/can not make fake registrations - otherwise your guild can be removed from registration.


11. Admins and Game Masters

Admins and Game Masters has right to ban players without any warnings and proffs, disconnecting players if you disturbing him, ask to show items.

Admins and Game Masters has not right to kill everybody on the right and left hand, without any reasons , interfere in gaming process among players without any valid reasons, help personages moving to quest maps or highest maps, ask for your password or account details, ask for any items.

GM can not take off the ban from player who was banned by another GM.

Asking, begging or otherwise bothering us about this subject will lead to a temporary ban. Be sure not to be fooled by anyone impersonating us, asking you to become an admin or game master.

Breaking the rules leads to either a warning or a ban. This decision is taken by us and is definite. You may explain your behavior in a rational way, but whining and complaining will only lead to an extended ban. You can submit a ban appeal in our forums unless you have been advertising or insulted The Staff.

Admins and Game Masters is not able to do player's favors unless it is to fix an issue or other reason related to a problem. It's forbidden asking for items, Coins, stats or anything material related from an Admin or Game Master.

Fooling or lying to Admins and Game Masters is not allowed. Providing false information such lost items or anything else will lead to account ban.

It is strictly forbidden to impersonate an Admin or Game Master of MuPlayring . This means not only the name, but also contacting players outside of our game and forum, offering them bonuses and such. It is also the players responsibility not to fall for these tricks. We will never contact you outside of MuPlayring or inside, and we will never ask for your password. Be sure not follow suspicious links sent to you outside or inside of the game.


12. Donators

We thank you for donating to our server(s) and that we are able to enhance our server(s) for the better. However, there are rules to be listed.

Any donation made is non-refundable. We do not refund any kinds of donations.

If you have donated once or 100 times, it doesn't matter, you are still equal with any other player(s) who hasn't donated at all.

Donators don't have more importance in what they say than any other players. This means, that every donators are to be treated equally the same as non-donators.

If rules are broken donators can also be banned easily just like any players.

If for any reason a donator gets banned, all items in his account(s) will be blocked along with the account. It will also not be returned to him/her under any circumstances.

For PayPal: if you make refund to any of your donations, your account will be banned and all purchased items confiscated.


13. Game Master Rules

GM are allowed disconnect players if player break the rules or disturb GM in event time.

GM are not allowed disconnect players without any reasons.

GM are not allowed from staff account help players with levels, items, Coins.

GM are not allowed kill other players, only allow if player disturbing on event.

GM are allowed reward players in event maximum with item +12+L+3 opt (+2 exc opt +1 non exc opt)

GM are not allowed help friends or players in event.

GM are allowed ban players if player will broke the rules.

GM are allowed unban only banned by him characters, accounts, GM are not allowed unblock other GM blocked accounts, characters, only if ban time are expired.

GM can make per week maximum 3 events and minimum need make 1 event per 10 days.

Before making event, GM need inform players about event and describe it on forum, when is the start of event and post event winners.

GM are allowed ignore players who ask for items, Coins, zen, leveling.


14. Moderator Rules

Moderator can edit player topics, posts if there are mistakes or do not comply with the rules.

Moderator can delete, ignore player topics, posts if they do not comply with the rules.

Moderator are allowed move, delete topics, posts if they are written on incorrect section.

Moderator can warn, ban forum members if they broke the rules.

Moderator can lock topick if have answered on question or problem are solved.

Moderator need be online in forum every day.


15. Digital products

We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is submitted.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or using our products.




The Game Rules are subjected to change at any times and players are responsible to accustom to the changes. This page does not cover all the rules. If MuPlayring Staff find an unfitting behavior, user/player will receive punishment without warning.


16. Abusing and harrasing certain player systematically is forbidden. Let's say you go on abusing/insulting and harrassing certain player for 24 Hour's or any time you see him. This is forbidden! You have the right to kill people on bosses, event's and e.t.c. but systematically abusing and harrassing will lead to 1-3 Day ban for your character. This does not mean that if you kill someone 1-2 times during the day this will lead to your bann, it means that if you go and kill the guy all the time not letting him to grow in our server it will lead to punishment! We don't think its cool to abuse other players / insult them and harras them all the time and make them quit! We all want to grow and this is kinga getting frustrating.

- Example for the harressment: Let's say Porny goes and kill all day Kratos and in the meantime he is insulting him on PM because he is weak and e.t.c. Okay that's not a proble if you just do it 1-3 time's, but if i keep doing it for hour's and Kratos sent us proof of that it will lead to banning Porny from 1 to 3 Day's depending on the insults and e.t.c.

17.As you all know we all have NON-PVP Server, however there is not verry crowded with active people (Mostly AFK'ers) and the new players want to play in the PVP so they can have chat conversations as in PVP have more active players. As of today the rule for PK-ing new players is applied.

- It is strongly forbidden to kill characters 15 Resets under your current Resets and harras them, not letting them grow in our server! Let's say im 35 Resets and Kratos is 20 Resets, if i systematically kill Kratos not letting him grow in our server it will lead to a ban from 1 up to 3 Day's.

18. You will get 2 WC Per Hour staying ONLINE with your character. However, it is forbidden to use Characters for Coin Harversting. Please, do not leave any new characters lvl1-50 or 400 Level without Resets AFKing only for WC. This is called Coin Harvesting and it is not allowed in our server. If we see someone Leaving his character only for coin harvesting it will be disconnected and warned 3 Times. Then it will lead with 1 Day bann for All Characters for the current owner of the coin harvester character. Next time it will lead to 3 Days Ban and e.t.c.

- You need to sent us proof like screenshots in different time that the current user was harrasing you during the day. However if he is just harrasing you for first time make one screenshot from today and if keeps doing it make a bunch of screenshots in the next day that the certain players has killed you more then 3 times during the day.

- This rules applie's only if certain player killed you more then 3 Times!

P.S. - This is free to play private server. We do things differently than any other server(s). If you despise the game, Staffs or the game settings then please feel free to leave.