GRAND OPENING 09/04/2020/ 20:00 +2UTC

Hello, we are glad to announce that we are working hard on the server and we will open it on 09/04/2021 20:00 + 2UTC.
Our last season was quite the experience for both - administrators and players alike. It was filled with emotions and drama.This season is expected to be even better than the previous with a lot of new amazing configurations. You can expect an amazing and hardcore gameplay with perfect in game economy. Our new website will provide you with a lot of new Features as well.


Upcoming season short information.
- Experience: 80x
- Reset Level: 400
- Keep Stats: No
- Points per reset: 375
- Zen Per Reset: 25,000,000 xResets - Have in mind this season ZEN will be very expensive currency.
- Remove items for restart: Yes

- Max Resets will be (80) Increasing every week.
- First 2 Weeks Max Resets will be 10 and 50 Master Level, then will be increased by 5 every week after HOF Event.
- First battle for Castle Siege will be 2 weeks after the start of the server: Saturday 24/04/2021
- First HOF Event will be hosted 2 weeks after the start of the server: Sunday 25/04/2021
- Max acc per ip will be limited to 2: We strongly believe that more then 2 accounts are not neccesarry, it's abusing the system and the economy of the server so we decited maximum accounts per IP 2 is enough.

- Golden Invasion by Stages:

- Fist Stage untill 20 Resets ( 10 Box+1, 10 Box+2 and 10 Box+3) (Max Items from Events / Bosses Box+3)
- Second Stage untill 40 Resets ( 10 Box+1, 10 Box+2 and 5 Box+4) (Max Items from Events / Bosses Box+4)
- Third Stage untill 60 Resets (10 Box+1, 10 Box+3, 5 Box +4 and 5 Box+5) (Max Items from Events / Bosses Box+5)
- Forth Stage Golden Invasion Monster will Increased (10 Box+1, 10 Box+3, 7 Box+4 and 7 Box+5 (Max Items from Events / Bosses Box+5)
- Fifth Stage After 80 (Max Resets) - 380 Level and Socket Sets will be Released.
- Soon we will add full server information.

2021-03-22 22:49

Fresh start MuPlayring

As you know at 10/03 there was a huge fire in France / Strasburg and destroyed one of the datacenters of OVH (The biggest hosting company of the world) Our server was also hosted there and unfortunately all of our data and our work for the past 4 months is gone and now we have to rebuild the bought servers the Low and the Fun one. Since then we didnt stop, we've been working hard on the new season to show you that we are not so easy to quit! As you know for the bast 4 months we proved you that we are worth of your attention and we've been improving our server day by day and we offered you a really high quality gameplay never seen before in the gane. We are working hard now every day to offer you even better service to play on, different gamepley, different max resets, experience, spowns and e.t.c. By the end of this week you will receive more information about the upcoming season. For now we cannot give you any date for grand opening since we are not sure how long is gonna take us to re-build everything!

- New websitei with allot of new feautures translated full ot on 4 Languages.
- Version: Season 6 Episode 3
- Max Resets: 80
- Points Per Reset: 375 (All Classes)
- Level Up Points At 80 Resets: 32180 / 32980
- New Stages (Rings)
- Progressive Gameplay with Limits on Resets and will be increased every Week.
- Expect soon BETA TEST
Currently we have a voting poll about server experience you can vote HERE

2021-03-18 06:45