Update 25/05/2021

- There is some small update this week.
- Jewels drop is increased.
- Lucky Coins drop is increased.
- Golden invasion time is decreased from 6 to every 4 hour's.
- Invasion Times are increased from 10 to 20 Minutes.
- After sunday 25/05/2021 We gonna decrease some cashshop prices.
- PVP Championship Event will be enabled.
- Tomorrow FIRST HOF EVENT 21:00 (Timer in Website)
- Tomorrow 25/05/2021 Affter HOF Resets will be increased +5
- Master Level Will be Increased +25 more Levels.
- Newbie system will be released.
1. You will play on more experience untill 10 Resets Cap.
- Experience for newbies untill 10 Resets will be 150x
2. You will receive Free Skeleton Pet + Skeleton Ring for 2 Days.
3. Decreased Reset Level for Newbies (You can use it only from website)
- 1 Resets: 350 Level
- 2 Resets: 360 Level
- 3 Resets: 370 Level
- 4 Resets: 380 Level
- 5 Resets: 390 Level
- 6 Resets and above: 400 Level

2021-04-24 22:53

Premium LiveGuard Anti Cheat Update

- We've added Premium Live Guard Anti Cheat.
- You need to update or client untill this sunday 25 April.
- To update your client simpy  launch the Launcher.
- If you have any problems with the update, use play.exe to enter the game.
- If you have further problems, you can download the game again with the fully updated client.
- More news about the server will come these day's.
- First Castle Siege Battle is Tomorrow 24/4
- First HOF Event is on 25/4

2021-04-23 08:26

Server Successfully Opened!

- We are glad to announce that the server was successfully opened!
- We wish you pleasent game!
*Note, if you made your account before 9 of April and you want to make a donation and buy wCoins, please enter the game first, create your character and open the warehouse. Then you can donate. Otherwise the automatic paypent will go trough, but your credits will be not added. If this happens, contact us true a website ticked, our discord channel, facebook page or make a topic in our forum.

- Check Full Server Information Here 
- Check our FAQ Here

2021-04-10 14:54

Here We Are! It Is Coming!!!

- Less then 5 Hour's left untill the Grand Opening!
- Latest Announce for the server information!
- Max acc per ip will be limited to 2: We strongly believe that more then 2 accounts are not neccesarry, it's abusing the system and the economy of the server so we decited maximum accounts per IP 2 is enough.

- Maximum Resets 10 (Out of 80)
- Maximum Box and Excelent items in game are from Box+3 (Till 20 Resets)
- Drop from Bosses Maximum Excelent Items from Box+3 (Till 20 Resets)
- All Golden Invasions are Till +3 (10x From every Golden Invasion (10 Box+1, 10 Box+2, 10 Box +3)
- Don't waste vote's on vote Reward as you need to create character and open your vault to start receiving the vote Rewards!
- Chest in Website is activated every 30 Minutes you have a chance to win 1-30 Credits if you are lucky to open it in time!

2021-04-09 16:14

Server is in Test Period

- Server is in Open Beta Test untill 05 April 20:00
- At 05 April 20:00 Server will be stoped untill grand opening.
- GRAND OPENING WILL BE 09 APRIL 20:00 UTC+3 (Bulgarian Time)

2021-04-06 13:57