Working on the New Server

- Currently we are working on the new server concept and e.t.c.
- It is gonna take a while as we are very bussy at the moment.
- We are Opened for an suggestions about the new server in our:
- Discord Server and Community Forums
- 500x Wont be stopped or restarted untill the new server is build.

2022-04-13 20:05

Update 06/02/2022

  • Today's Update affter Castle Siege
    1. Earth seed - fixed
  • 2. Socket item options (names) - Fixed
  • 3. PvP Championship NPC removed from Davias to Lorencia
  • 4. HOT - Battle Royal event - ON
  • 5. HOT - DeathMatch by RESETS - ON
  • 6. All PvP Events reward increased
  • 7. New PvP event timers
  • 8. Excellent item drop rate with 2 options increased by 10%
  • 9.1. NPCs in each town for Quests - Lorecia, Noria, Davias, Atlans, Losttower, Tarkan, Aida
  • 9.2. New spawns because of Quests in Lorencia and Noria.
  • 9.3. Golden Budge Dragon increased from 5 to 10, because of the Quest system.
  • 9.4. Sign of Lord: You can't trade it, can't drop it, can't put it in any warehouse(store). You can only SELL it. This is because of the quest system.
  • 9.5. Complete all quests to receive ultimate rewards !!
  • 9.6. Now you will Earn 2 WC For Staying Online (Not Offlevel)
  • 9.7. Rules will be updated for point 9.6. You can read the last Point.
  • 10 If you want to see the new changes you will need to download patch 06/02/2022 from our Downloads page or just download the Updated Full Client from our Website. For the patch you just need to download it and replace the new files into your Game Folder.

2022-02-06 21:28


- Connection Problems
Currently some users suffer connecting to our server from time to time and need to try hard to do so, we are investigating this issue and we are working on it, we are hoping to solve the problem in the next few days.
- New Update from 31/01/2022

If you didn't download the latest update from 31/1/2022, you can download it from here
You just need to unrar the files and replace them in your game folder.
- First HOF (Hall Of Fame) Event will be at 05/02/2022 start at 21:30 UTC+2

Rules about the Hall Of Fame Event will be posted Here soon.
- We have some nice upcoming Server Updates which you will like allot. Stay Tunned!

2022-02-02 00:34

Update 30/01/2022

- Update will be Available affter the end of Castle Siege Today!
- Golden Cherry Blossom Branch - Changed Drop List
- You have 60% chance to get 30 jewel of bundles
- You have 25% chance to get Jewel of Level; Jewel of Excellent; Jewel of Socket; Jewel of Ancient 1 and 2; 
- You have 10% chance to get Condor Feather
- You have 5% chance to get Horn of Fenrir
- Red dragon ivasion drop rate changed
- Now you have 70% To get 10 bundle jewels 
- And 30% chance to get 20 bundle jewels
- Experience System Disabled.
- New chaos machine mix:
- 5x 10 Bundle of Bless, 5x 10 Bundle of Soul, 5x 10 Bundle of Chaos, 3x 10 Bundle of Creation, 3x 10 Bundle of Life
= Random Jewel 90%: Ancient, Ancient2, Excelent, Level, Socket and 10% to get Condor Feather.
- There is 85% Success Rate Chance, this means you have 15% Fail Chance of failing your items.
- Demon Mix: 10 Imps + Chaos = Demon
- Elbeland: Added new Spots
- Raklion 1 & 2: Monsters will drop socket items with 1 & 2 empty sockets.
- Lucky Coin Drop Rate Increased with 50%
- Suspicious Scrap of Paper drop rate increased with 100%
- Sign of Dimensions drop rate increased with 100%
- Rave's Plate (Ancient set): Fixed.
- Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian & Claw of Beast: Stack fixed.
- Blessed CrossBow of Archangel - Fixed
- White Wizard Spawn: FIXED, now can be anywhere in Lorencia, Noria and Davias

2022-01-30 20:37

News 25/01/2022

- Golden Cherry Branches Drop Increased 2x
- Arena Spowns / Spots and Gate Reworked
- Drop Event Added every eve at 20:30 UTC+2 (Some Juicy Drops)
- Newbie System: Now Upon Creating Character you will Get Skeleton pet and Ring for 3 Days

2022-01-25 22:01