Nightmare 500x Server - Open Beta

- Currently we are working on the Nightmare 500x Server.
- You can Register and test the server while we are working on it.
- Please do not beg for Items / Stats / Resets and e.t.c. during the open beta.
- We are focused on providing you the best experience in the server so we don't want to waste any time on adding items and stats.
- We accept any unique ideas for the server, you can contact us in our discord server or in our forum.

- Short Server Information
- Experience: Dynamic 500x-50x
- Drops: 50%
- Cash Shop: Enabled
- Max Stats: 32767 
- Max Resets: 100
- Grand Resets: Enabled (They will not give you any extra stats / points or e.t.c.)
- You can read more expanded server information HERE and check our new ideas for the 500x Server.
- Arena Points / Farm Points

2021-11-21 08:53

Update 21/10/2021

- As we see the proggression of the server is going in a good way we voted with a poll
  to add CashShop and Goblin Shop in the server where you can spend your WC and GP
- We added some Pet's and Rings which gives you extra EXP for the bought Wcoin Shop and Goblin Shop.
- Newbies from Today will start with Free Skeleton Ring and Pet for 2 Days so they can level up and reach higher levels
  faster, or at least we hope to help them just a little bit to get involved into our server.
- This is what we sell in the Cash Shop and the same items are in Goblin Shop on a Double Prices.
- Again we are following the Way's for Non-Pay to Win server and the shops is pretty Play to Win ;)
- You need to update your Clients, to do so, you need to LogOut from the Game and Run the Game from the Launcher, The Game will be     automatically updated with the cash shop in it. To open the CashShop and Goblin Shop you need to press "X" in the game.

2021-10-21 13:21

Update 18/10/2021

- We heard the reccommendations of our players and we had a Poll about some updates for the server.
- We've decited to make the following updates as of today.
- Red Dragon Invasion: Mobs increased to 10 Dragons in each of the following maps: Lorencia, Devias, Noria.
- Lunnar Rabbits are increased up to 10 Rabbits in each of the following maps: Atlans, Losttower, Tarkan, Aida, Kanturu and Raklion.
- Fire Flame Fgosts are increased up to 10 Umbrellas in each of the following Maps: Atlans, Losttower, Tarkan, Aida, Kanturu, Raklion.
- Pouch of Blessing are increased up to 10 Pouch in the following Maps: Atlans, Tarkan, Aida, Losttower, Kanruru, Raklion.
- All Golden Invasions are increased +5 More Golden Mobs. Great Golden Dragon and Golden Dark Knight are +3.
- Golden Invasion will be every 4 Hour's now insted of every 12.
- From Today, Red Dragon, Lunnar Rabbits, Fire Flame Ghosts, Pouch Of Blessing will drop only Jewels and with small chance of dropping Bundle's.
- Allot of peope Voted that the Non-PVP Server is unnecessary so we decited to remove the NON-PVP Server.
- Non PVP Maps are added: Aida and Icarus.
- PVE Damage has been Adjusted as there was some OP character's like RF and DL dealing allot more damage then the rest of the characters, so now all character's should deal like almost the same ammount of damage to the monsters.
- Added Special Buffer for the Newbies which you can find at Lor - 158 - 159, you must give him trade and you will receive some nice buffs.
- Newbie Experience Added: Untill 200 Level you will play on 6x Exp instead of a 3x Exp.
- NON PVP Server will be shut down today at 22:00 Server Time.
- Timer is added in the website.

2021-10-18 17:34

News 13/10/2021

- Ass allot of people required the Mana Pot's stack to be increased because it is kinda hard to leave afk with the current stack (25) We've decited to increase the Mana Pot's stack to 75.

- After the successfull start of the 3x-Non Reset (Balrog) Project we are glad to announce that we are starting to work as we promised on the 500x - No-Limits (Nightmare) Server. - We know that currently at 3x Server Topaz Ring don't show the bonuses that gives and for a few more issues with the client which will be fixed in the next few day's.


- Доста играчи поискаха да се вдигне макс стака на маната който в момента е (25) и прави доста затруднено оставянето на афк.
- За да разрешим този проблем решихме да вдигнем макс стака от 25 на 75.
- След успешният старт на 3x-Нон-Ресет(Балрог) сървъра, сме щастливи да обявим, че започваме работа по медиум - 500x (Nightmare) - Но-Лимит сървъра, в който ще представим още един невероятен геймплей на който можете да се насладите. Повече информация за него ще получите съвсем скоро!

2021-10-13 01:21

Grand Opening - Lets GO!!!

- Download link for the client are Added!
- Make sure you read all the info in the download section and you face any issues to follow the instructions there!
- Grand Opening in less then a 20 Hours! Let's Go!

2021-10-09 00:32